Makino MMC2

Makino’s MMC2 is a modular, automated material handling system that links Makino’s horizontal machining centers, pallet loaders and operators. A servo-controlled vehicle transports material to and from machines, with little, if any, operator intervention. Each system is completely flexible and can be designed for your facility using standard components while its modular flexibility permits future expansion as required.

Spindle Utilization up to 95 Percent
The Makino Machining Complex (MMC) assigns work and initiates operations automatically, based on machine and material availability, utilizing maximum spindle capabilities and monitoring all automated procedures.

Up to 15 machining centers and four different work-setting stations can be included in MMC. The system can handle up to 200 pallet stockers—stacked either one, two or three layers high—with an unlimited number of parts and fixtures.

The MMC2 system software features in-cell production scheduling, equipment status monitoring, NC program management, tool data management and reporting capability.

Index C200

Control C200

Focus on production and control – Industry 4.0 included. Xpanel: The operating system for direct communication of the production turning machine C200 with your business organization. Xpanel consists of an 18.5” multi-touch screen, the latest control INDEX C200-4D based on Siemens S840D sl and Industry 4.0 functionalities. Optionally, the Virtual Machine can also be integrated, for example for 3D simulations and production-parallel setup of the next workpiece.

The kinematics

The vertical design of the machine bed guarantees optimum chip removal and ready access.
2 x Y axes on the main-spindle or 1 x each on the main and counter spindles possible.
This allows an optimum division even of complex operations and a reduction of cycle times.

View into the work area

The INDEX C200 opens up new opportunities for high-speed production of parts turned from bar stock.
Despite its compact external dimensions, the INDEX C200 has a large-sized working area for complete machining of workpieces.

Makino A61nx-5E

The a61nx-5E five-axis horizontal machining center is built specifically for high-efficiency aluminum machining of small to mid-size, complex five-axis components and monolithic aerospace parts. Its design is based off of the widely successful nx-series machines. The a61nx-5E boosts productivity through the addition of twin direct-drive rotary axes for “one-and-done” efficiency. The a61nx-5E features an innovative automatic pallet changer design that directly loads the pallet into the 5th axis rotary table, while providing a flat surface for ergonomic workpiece loading. Spindle options for the a61nx-5E range from the standard 14,000 RPM high-power spindle, to a remarkable 24,000 RPM, 80kW (duty rated) spindle for aluminum machining in aerospace. This under-race-lubricated, core-cooled spindle is capable of metal removal rates of up to 300 cubic inches per minute in the machining of aluminum. The a61nx-5E brings the metal removal and productivity of Makino’s MAG machines to a smaller platform, allowing aerospace manufactures to “right size” their parts production.